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Just Following Your Heart Can Be a Dangerous Thing

Just Follow Your Heart?

Do any of these expressions sound familiar? Follow your bliss, follow your heart, the heart knows all, home is where the heart is, do what you love, passion before profits, and secrets of the heart. Lots of been said about the hearts connection to purpose. Coming from someone who has spent most of his adult life in the process of opening, listening to, and following his heart this article flips the script as a devils’ advocate. Following your heart successfully requires following your mind too.

What does it mean to follow your heart? How many times have you followed your heart in a relationship, business venture, or cross country move only to realize it was a huge mistake? There was a disconnect between the impulse of the heart and the ability of the mind to discern. To discern something means to see something as it is; not as one believes it to be or wants it to be.

My heart compelled me to join forces with a business partner but lack of discernment failed to ask questions about his financial strength and work habits before entering into a business that cost me $100,000+ dollars.

My heart compelled me to get rush into a relationship after my marriage but lack of discernment caused 3 years of suffering because I had not done the inner work on myself.

My heart compelled me to move 2,000 miles from my hometown to pursue my dream of being a full time healer but lack of discernment left me without enough savings to find the right place and market my healing services effectively.

Thinking must accompany the impulse of the heart. Henry Ford once said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.” Its easy to follow the desires and impulses of the heart. In fact its at our very nature to be guided by the heart. The Great Spiritual Teachers talk of a physical seed atom located in the center of the heart. This atom contains the history of all our past lives, lessons learned and those needing to be learned. When you become effective at tapping into the wisdom of the heart, you begin to become aware of what your life is all about. Once you gain this awareness, you must then kick in your higher mental faculties to determine the best possible way to live your purpose.

If you live your life based on your emotions, you will be lead astray again and again. The emotions ebb and flow like the waves of the ocean; rise and fall, rise and fall. Lets say you have found your purpose tomorrow. An angel sent you a text message with the following words, “Your life purpose is (blank).” At first you would be so ecstatic and thrilled that you had finally gotten the answer. Now what? Time to quit the job, leave the family, sell all possessions and move to Argentina to volunteer on a sheep farm that produces wool for third-world countries. This is where discernment comes in.

We are all interconnected to each other in this world; your thoughts, words, and actions affect others around you. Bailing on your obligations, commitments, and promises because you found your life’s purpose could be disastrous. This could generate tremendous negative karma for you and create suffering for many others.

So how do you develop discernment and minimize suffering for yourself and others?

Meditation is one of the most profound endeavors humankind can participate in. There are many forms of meditation with each one developing a specific aspect of one’s divinity. During meditation one gradually stills the body then the emotions, then the mind and in the quiet stillness, one’s intuition becomes highly activated. The more you practice meditation, the clearer and more powerful your insights become.

Also through meditation one develops the ability to hear the ‘Whisper of the Soul.’ Once one hears the super subtle message of the Soul, one can start to use the intellect and reasoning faculties to determine exactly what the message is and how to act accordingly. But to follow the heart blindly can lead to suffering and disappointment.

What you consider an impulse of the heart might be following a program imposed by you family, culture, limiting beliefs, or internal fears.

Intense emotion around your life’s purpose clouds your ability to discern.

My recommendation is to begin a simple meditation program. I have used the Meditation on Twin Hearts since 2004 with great success in all areas of my life. Its simple, powerful, and takes less than 30 minutes once a day. This meditation is not only effective in developing the heart but also in developing discernment and higher intuition. The CD is only $30 and can found on numerous sites including PranicHealing.com

The secret to all meditations is consistency. A regular meditation schedule will begin to create a compounding effect. Your sense of clarity and inner peace around your life’s purpose will grow with each session. Part of my life’s purpose is in sharing this with you.

Christian R Long is a Flow Coach and Pranic Healer here to assist you in having a Perfect Day. You can receive a limited Free 30 minute coaching session where you will gain clarity of your perfect day, become aware to challenges in creating that perfect day, and feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm and vigor for your life. Contact Christian now to reserve your spot by visiting his website at ChristianRLong.com or calling 347-879-076Four

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