“My name is Elly, and I am a diplomat. I heard about Christian it has been a few years and I came to him for some pranic healing sessions mainly because of stress. I felt extremely exhausted and could not sleep when I had to sleep. And I had a Project I had to work on in a very limited amount of time which requested me to be extremely focused to get things done. I remember due to stress, I was not able to focus or get anything done, no matter how hard i tried. But after one healing session, I remember I could finally sleep; I felt so well rested and felt more calm.

The more healings I had the better I felt. I felt much more positive, happier, more patient, more in control of my emotions. I had no more insomnia, felt so energetic and I could accomplish doing a lot of mental work in a very short period of time.

Also, my procrastination habits have ended. After each healing sessions I had, I felt automatically more grateful for everything around me and a sense of peace and inner happiness. I would recommend pranic healing to anyone who is going through difficult times; the result will be totally transformative.”

– Elianne Gomez, Diplomat

“I met Christian through a friend who had worked with him. Initially I just followed him on Facebook and watched his live videos. A lot of what he spoke about really hit home, ok I am a pranic healer and Arhatic yogi so yes it made sense but more so. During my meditations I kept getting that I needed to reach out to Christian. I had recently ended a very toxic relationship and needed to work through trust issues and lost belief there are any good men in the world. I really wanted these feelings gone but didn’t know how to do it. Shockingly I was not cold/guarded talking to Christian, he is a guy so he was not high on my priority list of trust. I listened to everything he told me to do and very quickly I could tell these issues were fading. The healings were super helpful and it became easier to allow him to heal me. Initially I was guarded. Now,even before completing the transformation, I am dating and not bringing old baggage to the relationship. I would highly recommend working with Christian if you really want to free yourself!!”

Melissa Diehl, RN 

“I didn’t expect to experience a breakthrough like I did. Initially, I didn’t even know why I was 077coming for healing but I needed help, guidance and direction to get out of my own way. I always thought I just needed to rely on my faith in God and everything would be ok. But I felt disconnected from God and gave up again, again and again.

Then I met Christian at an Arts Festival and knew we needed to have coffee with each other. During coffee I felt an instant connection, I felt safe and understood.

I started with working with Christian and while completely oblivious to what he was doing during the Pranic Healing sessions, I was able to block out the noises of the world and simply go within. During those times of going within I found out how closed off I was but over time my hardened shell began to crack little by little then into huge chunks! My faith in God and in my own abilities has been restored.

After watching one of Christian’s videos and receiving a blessing for a long-standing birthday wish, I was able to take the first step in the right direction. I have waited years to take this first step. Now I’m ready to take steps 2, 3 and beyond. I see the only option for my life now is to move it forward.

Before working with Christian there was so much darkness in my daily life. I kept looking outside of myself to justify why my life wasn’t moving forward. Arrogance and pride were keeping me stuck. Since working with Christian, my life has lightened up 10-fold, whether anyone else notices or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that I see, feel and understand how to make myself happy on the inside. I still go backwards sometimes but now I’m aware of that and quickly change my state by going for a walk in the sun, taking a deep breath or remind myself that I am in control.”

Julia Penland, Dev. Coordinator, Western Development Group

“Christian is truly aligned with the energy work he does and the ways in which he helps people emilylive an empowered life. He is out in the world sharing his greatest gift, transforming the world one person at a time. Give his work a try and see what transforms in your life; whatever happens will be amazing.”

Emily Duke, Luxury Real Estate Broker, LuxDenver.com

“I first met Christian at a Twin Hearts Meditation for a friend’s birthday. After the meditation, I knew Iupclose 3 needed to meet with him and experience a Pranic Healing session for myself. Since receiving several sessions, I am even more intrigued with the process of Pranic Healing.

Over the past few years, I have struggled with anxiety and feeling scatter-brained. Funny enough, when giving this testimonial, I had to think hard of what I was actually struggling with because its so much less since working with Christian. I have tried acupuncture, working with a psychologist, cranial sacral and Reiki. I was looking to go deeper and clear out issues that seemed to have been with me for lifetimes.

I have been working with Christian for several months and life is much better now. I have far less anxiety, better able to handle my emotions, feel grounded and much better at letting go of things that no longer serve me. I am more in touch with my life and Soul’s purpose. My biggest benefit is I don’t feel so scatter-brained anymore. I am just happier.”

Mindy Wolff, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Before meeting Christian, I was experiencing physical, emotional and spiritual jessicablockages…especially with anger, frustration and fear. I had tried acupuncture, counseling and herbal medicine, all with good benefits but it just wasn’t happening fast enough for me.

Christian and I met by divine appointment…what he was offering seemed to be the missing sparkplug to everything I was doing. Through Pranic Healing sessions, I found it accelerated the benefits of all the other therapies I was currently using. I was able to get faster results, with less effort and had a better understanding of the healing process itself.

Life is pretty darn great now. I have far less complaints and my heart is much lighter. I no longer beat myself up or stay stuck a state of overwhelmed feelings. I feel a greater sense of peace, grace and ease. I feel more resilient in my personal relationships. I now go within to find my answers. Pretty much every area of my life has improved since meeting and working with Christian.

I have tried many things in the world of self help. I would only suggest people be open to Pranic Healing because its not your traditional form of self help.

After every Pranic Healing session I have this blissful feeling…I just radiate and shine!”

Jessica Press, Co-Owner ConfidentColoradoCare.com — DoTerra Wellness Expert

“I initially started working with Christian out of pure curiosity about Pranic Healing. I was open to exploring a new process that could give me greater insight into myself and how my energy shows up in the universe.

I trusted Christian and that trust allowed to me tap into my heart space. Through that process, I realized an area of my life which required greater attention was forgiveness. During my sessions with Christian, I found new ways of looking at myself that I had never done before which provided greater clarity.

I have been able to see key people in my life with new eyes. And I have slowly been opening myself to trusting others from a more aware, conscious space.”

Relationship Expert

“I was looking for a path of self discovery that was outside of my familiar experiences of religion, church and Christianity. I wanted to know more about meditation (which I always thought was difficult) and deeper spirituality.

Working with Christian using Pranic Healing and the Twin Hearts Meditation, opened a new door in my life to move forward. For days after my sessions, I came from a place of calm, focus and peace. I had far less shiny-ball syndrome. I felt like my true self; a stillness, warmth, caring and permission to just be.

I’m not so quick to judge or beat myself up for doing or not doing something. Instead of being overwhelmed by my huge TO DO list and doing nothing, I take on at e itema time and celebrate the little accomplishments. After each Pranic Healing session, I feel so blissful…I radiate and shine.”

Lisa – Small Business Coach

“I was coming face to face with a healing crisis that took the form of a fierce migraine jennheadache that has been persistent 1-2x per week for the past 3-months. I tried vision therapy, TMJ therapy and acupuncture. Something was telling me I needed Soul healing in order for my physical body to heal.

I found Christian leading a Meditation Party my girlfriend was having for her birthday. When I arrived, my migraine was acting up and Christian was able to tell right away that I was suffering from a migraine. He offered a mini-Pranic Healing session and as he left, I knew this was the direction I wanted to go.

I have been going for weekly sessions now and they have made tremendous progress towards healing. Each session is individualized, progressive, empathetic and fine-tuned. Follow-up sessions have been key with each session removing heavy layers like that of an onion. Its been life changing in subtle ways.

I start my days in quiet meditation. I realize I have practice self-care daily to keep in balance. I’m still in the journey of healing but now I have patience, gratitude, hope and excitement. Working with Christian has made me feel supported, less crazy, and understanding of what could be causing my condition. I now have direction for the type of personal and spiritual growth I want.”

Jen Olenwine, Pediatric Therapist, Wife and mother of 2

“I knew I was blocked emotionally which prevented me from allowing myself to embark in new   relationships. Also carried a large amount of stress from work which had me in a roller-coaster pattern of high

Adrienne Picirritability with only short bursts of amiability. Tried multiple sessions of Reiki, a little meditation, reading cards, and writing in a journal to help identify the issues.

I had no idea of what to expect, but could feel my whole body, energy, and mind tingle in response to Christian’s work with every session. Immediately after each session, I found myself bridging gaps in relationships and approaching my work and life with a more clear and healthy perspective.

It’s been like cleaning your glasses… life has a clearer view from within. I am able to sense when I revert back to an unhealthy or blocked disposition and being able to just be aware has helped me to correct myself. My life has changed considerably for the better! Everything looks different, like I am now standing on a chair and seeing the same world but with a slightly altered view.

Christian is beyond gifted! I had several Reiki sessions which were also very beneficial but his work is like a concentrated dose of power. With both an internal exfoliation of blocked energy and infusion of clean vigor, I was shocked with how immediately my attitude changed which affected how I engaged with practical life situations. His approach is very professional as his overview of what to expect prior to my first session helped me to relax and be open, which was then followed by a recap and discussion of what was discovered during the session.

Coming to Christian I was a relatively healthy and positive person, but was emotionally blocked in many areas of my life and under a considerable amount of stress. His healing, after even the first appointment, completely changed the way I understand myself which has dramatically impacted how I interact with the world. I am clearer, more aware, and overall a more ‘light’ and happier person. Now I can get back to enjoying my adventurous life of snowboarding, survival camping and international travel.”

Adrienne L. Randol, CML, The Mortgage Company